Ben jones 951-232-8675 claims to offer investment opportunities. Claims he can get you a additional tax refund or "extra" cash and claims that you will make money from real estate transactions. He is going to ask for some type of investment so you can join and after that, you will never hear from him. He has a site which does not belong to him www.pacificproperties2.com and this site belongs to someone else. He claims to be licensed and he is not, claims that he can get you money from your "strawman." Don't believe this guy, once your on to him he'll start making excuses that he whole family is sick or dying or something. I hope they really are because if they are not then God bless their soul. THIS GUY IS A FRAUD!!!!

951-232-8675, ben jones

951-232-8675, ben joneth

951-232-8675, Ben j.

He is out of orange county.

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Thank all of you for these posts! I was just about to send Ben Jones some money. I am so glad I dodged that bullet!!!


He also has a donation scam going on now to make it more believable...be ware as that predator is still out there!


Same guy I contacted at the beginning of the year(2016). It took a few phones calls to finally chat with the guy.

He claimed to be very sick, sore throat and all, very thick accent and hard to understand. Then my business partner called him and he made promises that he would return her back and he never did. I am in Northern CA and he is Southern CA, I didn't like the distance and him not wanting to see the properties that I had for him to invest in. I just didn't feel comfortable the way he wanted to do business.

I stopped the communication because my business partner had a bad feeling about him and then when he didn't return her call, I thought best not to call him back. The last message I got from him was that he helps people with citizenship or something along those lines, again very hard to understand him. After googling him again today and finding all these comments, I am glad I did not follow through with him. It is horrible what he is doing and scamming innocent people who just want to make some extra money trying to help others!!!

Please do not fall for his lies!!! We have to remember that if it is to good to be true, it probably is not a good thing.


Well, well. I responded to the ad from Ben Jones and he is selling a pinch to flip properties with the help of land trusts.

Im still new to it but I need to hear from others who he has tried to pinch this to. Im a mother who needs a way to make a living and don't have the extra money or time to waste.

to Anonymous #1122559

Hello, I too responded to this guy and was almost going to send him the money he was asking for because it wasn't much but my business partner didn't feel good about it so I stopped communicating with Ben Jones. This was just about a month ago.

I did google him when I thought of contacting him but I didn't find much on him, which is also a sign of him not doing all that he says he does. If you are doing a lot of deals and business, your name will be out there somewhere.

This morning I decided to google his name one more time and hello, I find this. I am so glad I listened to my very wise business partner, it is good to go with our gut instinct.


Ben Jones Ben Jones?? Pacific Properties 2??

Okay Ladies and Gentlemen... First and Foremost I have signed as a JV Partner with Mr.Ben Jones Pacificproperties2 since 2012 and Yes same ole story!!... First of All it started as his Famous Sell Point his so call "Land Trust Template" which I Paid $500.00 for something I will NEVER use, fallowing his "Cash For Keys" "Work Sheet" and " Legal Armor" Blah Blah Blah!! SO as time went on Mr.

Ben Jones got Some of us to *** The Hook Again in which he got Some of us to Invest into "USR"Hmmmmm does that sound Familiar?? Some of You are saying Holly Sh@t!! Wait get Better Mr. Ben Jones would get Some of You to invest in "USR" which would Cost on Your end $750.00 PEOPLE I joined "USR" at $1500.00 at that time!!

So what I am saying is who ever Bit The Hook paid for Mr.Ben Jones half?? Wait I'm not done yet For ALL the other ladies and gentleman that have No Clue what so ever what Mr Ben Jones is doing?? YOU are putting Money in His Wells Fargo Pay Pal or Even Sending A Money Gram out to him like I did in 2012 Not Knowing that Your Not The Only One!!! Okay Guys here's The Juicy one Today July 15 2015 I spoke to Mr.

Jones he gave me All this NEW BS he has been doing and was even trying to Sell me his Latest Scam for $300.00 Lol We All Know Mr Ben Jones Loves to Talk!! When Mr Jones was done talking I Explained to HIM that was a JV Partner since 2012 Lol. Mr Ben Jones cut me off short and end the conversation with Let's Talk Tomorrow???? Funny Thing Is I've Been Trying To Contact Mr.

Jones for Quite awhile and he Never returned my calls?? The Only reason Mr Jones returned My Call was because I changed my number and he did not recognize it and Mr Ben Jones Thought he would catch Another Sucker like All of Us!!! SO my question to All of You is How Many Of You Have CLOSED real estate transaction with Mr. Ben Jones????

I've Been a Private Real Estate Investor since 2008 and doing Very well with other Private Investors on projects My advise to All of You Educate yourselves and Find Your Own Funding It's All around you go to Seminars and Net Work with Other Investor!!!!! I'm Sadden To Hear what this man has done but in all Reality it's Our fault for being so Naive!!! Like To Hear Back From All Of You...



Yes if happened to me too....He kept making excuses and he also told me he had the flu....wow

Newark, New Jersey, United States #783080

Do nont trust this guy Ben jones he is a fake.

(951) 232-8675.

He has had the flu for ever.

I don't know what he's up to but it's all a scam.

Newark, New Jersey, United States #783079

Yes thank you guys. I am a local realtor in New Jersey.

I answered a ad on Craig's list to Ben Jones he is a scam artist

I sent him several contracts on short sale got local

Agents involved and he never answered the phone

If he does he keeps saying he has the flu for three weeks now.



Someone with a very hard to understand accent just called me too and his story seemed too nice to be true... buying short sale properties at full price!!!

No discussion and even no preview of the property!!!

Would you know anybody investing $700,000+ in something he has not seen??? The phone number he was calling from was "restricted" and there is no company name, no address on what he emailed me to read except Ben Jones' name, cell phone and email address!

Thank you for your comments, I wish mine will help other people not to fall in the trap.


I can attest to this review. I fell for his scam and got local realtors involved the "project" and he pulled the same "im sick" routine when I asked him to call a local realtor to explain more about the wall street private equity group that is organized as a "non profit".

He is full of it.

I wish I could meet him one day....thats all I have to say.....

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #768423

I've been dealing with a James Speed who's been saying Ben Jones will be calling me for a couple of weeks now. Ben had a bad reaction to his Flu shot.

I'm a realtor in AZ & as I find out more from James, all is very disorganized.

I'm happy to have found your review before getting more involved. Thank you!

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